Too much, too late?

October 9, 2022

Yay, The UK has another Prime Minister

I’m back at it again. Watching the news and following the political machinations intently. Britain has a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. Most pundits don’t think she will last longer than 6 months. The omens are not good. Broadly she has the support of Conservative party members in the country but her own MPs just can’t seem to get behind her. The politician, Jean-Claude Juncker once famously said “We all know what to do, but don’t know how to get re-elected once we have done it.”. Never more so is this the case than in the United Kingdom today.

The patient is going into terminal decline

The ruling Conservative party has had 12 years to reanimate the sickly patient that is the UK. Instead, they faffed around with the decor of the hospital room hoping a bit of Feng Shui would create some vibes to help the patient on their healing journey when what was needed was a significant medical intervention. With a maximum of 2 years left in government, the reality is sinking in. A new chief physician, has been appointed but her prescription seems harsh. The original doctors want her to continue with the modern treatments which have been slowing the decline. In the background they have been briefing the patient on the rigours of her traditional therapy. Unsurprisingly, the patient isn’t awfully keen on the removal of tranquillisers, electro-shocks and daily cold bed baths.

Now, I don’t know if Liz Truss’ plan is the right one, but at least she has a plan. She may get lucky but experience shows that an unholy alliance will be formed against her. The clerisy will issue the last rites through the regime media and the politicians will form a ring around the patient. An anaesthetist will administer a little extra juice to sweeten his dreams for a while longer. How awful if the patient should learn how dire his situation has become and worse still, blame the hapless doctors for it. Much better to put him into an induced coma for his comfort and protection, you understand.

The trouble is you cannot do ‘stupid’ forever. We shouldn’t have borrowed from loan sharks to keep the party going. All debts must be paid. It is an immutable law. The bailiffs come brandishing hammers. Our country’s kneecaps won’t ever be the same again.

Surely, this is not unexpected?

The foundations are trembling yet most are in denial. If they see a problem, it is only in the immediate financial pain. How many can accurately trace the source of the problem and extrapolate the second order tribulations coming down the line? We all know the difference between right and wrong. We cannot in all conscience say that we have being living right over the last number of years. Spiritually, financially, morally we are bankrupt and judgement must come.

Reading this you may think I’m pessimistic, well yes, I am for the short term but I’m not for the medium to longer term. We are about to go through a cycle of readjustment. There is nothing new under the sun. How painful the end of the current cycle will be depends on us and our commitment to turning from our ways and seeking restoration. We must want to be healed. Where does the average person start? Healing is hard. It is a long and difficult road which demands sacrifice and discipline after years of profligate living. Did we really think that the rules of life didn’t apply to us? Why did we trust our leaders and influencers who told us that ancient virtues were démodé?. We are soon to receive harsh instruction of their revivifying value.

Trust your intuition

The difficulty for the average person is there is so much conflicting advice. Our lives are already complex and most aren’t interested in the affairs of state, so we rely on the designated experts to interpret what it all means. These “vetted” experts have unfettered access to the media, and we only read the headlines which sell a manipulative message to corral us in a certain direction -FEAR - leading to mass psychosis and demoralisation. There are powerful interests at play battling for the soul of the nation. My inclination would be to challenge the regime narrative. Don’t parrot it brainlessly. Be aware that the headlines often don’t faithfully reflect all the facts of the article. (clickbait).

After Covid we learned that fear is the currency to make money and to control the unquestioning populace. Now is the time for clear thinking. Maybe even some contrarian thinking. If we ran our households like the politicians and administrators run the country, we would be in debtor’s prison years ago.

No-one knows how to unravel the Ponzi scheme without crashing everything. It is an unenviable task and I wish our new government a fair wind paving the way for a just society based on truth principle and graft.

The medicine needs to be strong - everyone must carry the heaviest burden they are able. Many will squirm under the yoke but we must take up its weight if we want to get through this. If Truss is being honest, she like Churchill has nothing to offer other than “blood, toil, tears and sweat”. Let us suck it up, let us do our generational duty.

In the meantime, beware the designated experts patting us on the head saying- “you leave this to us, we know best,” as they pass out the drugs and entertainment - keeping the party going; all the while putting their families, friends and possessions into the precious few buses leaving town. When the house burns down - They’ll be fine. For the rest of us it’ll be too late.

The smoke is now entering the room, and the DJ has turned the music up but even he has a slight look of concern across his brow. The atmosphere looks right but there is a funny smell about it.

The question is: has the fire already taken hold? Surely, you and a handful of others can’t be the only ones to suspect what is happening?

The smoke is now entering the room, and the DJ has turned the music up but even he has a slight look of concern across his brow. The atmosphere looks right but there is a funny smell about it.

Sound leadership

It is a longshot but we need sound leadership, vision and action. The failing ‘luxury ideas’ we have been dining out on for the last 30 years won’t save us. In fact, these rotten shibboleths will condemn us to a fiery, explosive end. It is like we are staggering into this conflagration with our pockets stuffed with fireworks.

Where there is no vision the people perish. May the right leaders with the right ideas be called forth, and may the people respond with a contrite heart and an earnest desire for all that is good, noble and true.

Will this happen though? no, probably not for a while yet. Just as well I’m now post-millennial in my eschatology - I’m not in a hurry!